Sunday, February 13, 2005


My first week in micronationalism

by Carson Smith

As most readers know, a week ago today I entered the wonderful, addictive world of micronationalism. I'd now like to take this opportunity to reflect upon my experiences this first week.

The thing that amazes me is how quickly time moves. I applied for Hanoverian citizenship Saturday, February 5, and, despite technical difficulties, was approved late at night on February 6, or early in the morning on the 7th (not quite sure because of time change calculations). On the 8th, I became the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. WOW. In a macronation, that would probably take about 30-50 years. It was even quicker in Lavalon: I applied early in the morning on February 6 and was approved later that same day. Once legislation was passed to allow for two additional justiceships to be created on the Supreme Court, I became a justice on February 9th. Two days earlier, I had been appointed Ambassador to Breuddwyd and Alrodria. Again, that's an easy 50 years in macronations. In Lemuria, I applied for citizenship and was a citizen and the Economy Officer within an hour.

I was amazed even more by how kind and welcoming micronationalists are. Everywhere I went, I received kind welcomes from the "locals." People have been very receptive to my micronational welcome project, and those who do disagree have been very civil about offering suggestions. I've got myself into two arguments (already) and in both cases I've been quick to make up with the other party.

The other thing is how well micronational governments work. People may identify with a political party, but the parties don't vote as a bloc, and if they do, it's a concidence. People vote for what and for who's going to work.

In short, I have had a great first week. Thank you to everyone who's helped make it great.


Blogger jsendler said...

you don't know ratelon if u think micronationalists dont vote in blocks ;)

6:45 AM  
Blogger Dukedom of New Yerusalem said...

I like very much all about micronations to study on a spiritual level,of course, too : I think to do Dukedom of New Yerusalem on a territory of Pavilosta: (motel: & weekend for yachts there : )in Latvia Republic: (Eiropa continent) ; only a cash My -[] or call Phone (Home-bureau): +371 3498296 , is out of money, I'm beggaring all time from all sides to develop project of mentioned poltergeistical ( telephatives) issue (result) and finances (My offshores Pavilostas 1$=314 LVL) are realy troubling there My mind and I'm open for every investation and sponsoring, if You have any interest on that i-fact.

Micronationalism in USSR time I saw in Russia, Novosibirsk ( Siberia), Cherepanovo,where was done good project of co-operation (koophoz " Krutishinskij") and know My opinion on a base of that, and for that reason micronationalistical shemes I analyze not as fashistical real, but as free-economical (offshore worldwide) society realationshipment , who is alike co-operation system ( urbanization making) and is out of terrorism, it is good , I see everywhere and elsewhen is it so, because them people are micronationalists on a local nature open shemes and are free struggling with War and barbars on a base of their knowledge and duty, on an own personalism , sometimes without weapons and on a soil of a clear intelectuallity only, it's good , ... I see.

2:23 AM  

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