Tuesday, February 22, 2005

International Association news

International Association battles against inactivity

In early January, Nathan Shepard, Prime Minister of the International Association, a 12-member intermicronational organization modeled after the European Union, expressed concern "that the IA is gaining too much dust too fast." A few I.A. citizens and associates, most notably Lavalonian Undersecretary of the Interior for Technology Matthew Vasroixe, who was advocating for macronational incorporation and advertising. However, no other discussion took place on the I.A. forums until the beginning of February, so it would seem that the I.A. is still in the grips of inactivity, and so, unfortunately, is its founder:

"IA, we have a problem"
Those were the words of the Association Prime Minister yesterday. He brought up the problem that Zachary Klaas, the founder of the Association, and the only administrator of the website and forums, had not been seen for "a month," leaving the I.A. without the possibility to make changes to the forum or the website. The Prime Minister sent Klaas an e-mail, but it was to an account he had set up purely for micronationalism, so Shepard is doubtful he will receive a reply.

Carson Smith quickly replied that he would gladly create a new website and new forums and could host both on his forums. Shepard responded that he would greatly appreciate that, but would take care of the forums himself. Impressed with the "Forumer" boards of Faronia and New Germany, Nate created new I.A. forums on Forumer. Smith said he was fine with this, but also offered to host the phpBB forums on his website, stating that there would be "more options for customizing and backup capabilities" if they did it that way. To date, no other Association citizen or Associate has responded.

Smith proposes merger of I.A. nations
Carson Smith recently proposed a radical idea in the "Welcome to the IA Forum" on the Association's ProBoards: the merger of all the I.A. nations. "Some discussions I've seen lately have made me wonder about something: should the councils of the Association merge to form one nation? The answer, I believe, is yes. The future of micronationalism is in mergers. In this age where citizens are power for a nation, we would all, as micronations with relatively few nations, benefit greatly." He did some quick calculations and figured that this new nation would have somewhere in the range of 40 citizens, "minus dual citizens." The only one of Smith's fellow I.A.-ers to respond so far is Nate Shepard, who, as Natopian Grand Chancellor, expressed concern that it would take away local autonomy and local culture of I.A. councils. Smith, however, was quick to respond stating that what he had in mind was a rather loose federation in which each nation could keep its own local culture and some local autonomy. In any event, it does not look right now like the proposal will be met with much enthusiasm, but both Smith and Shepard are waiting to hear from other I.A. citizens and associates. The discussion can be found here.


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