Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Micronational Exposition to be held in Faronia

The first topic to be discussed at the re-done micro-nations.net forums was a Micronational Exposition, or Micronational Expo as it has come to be known. It began simply with a question, probably out of curiosity, from Chas Jago, M-N.N. administrator: "Who was the last host of the Micronational Expo?" The first response was from Molossian President Kevin Baugh, whose nation, incidentally, was the host of the first Expo a few years ago. He mentioned that he thought there had been another one somewhere along the line. Of course, he said, there have been plans for another one, but none have really gone through: "There is often much talk in the planning process, but..."

Carson Smith, who has proven himself to be a person full of ideas, suggested that planning begin for a 2005 micronational expo. He mentioned that one of the three nations he was involved in at the time (Lemuria, Lavalon, Hanover) would probably be willing to host. Chas Jago said that Micro-nations.net would host it if someone would coordinate, but the Ibrosian Lord Protector pointed out that it is traditional for a nation to host the Expo.

Both Faronia and Natopia indicated their willingness to host, but Natopian Grand Chancellor Nathan Shepard, who would most likely be the one to coordinate if Natopia hosted, indicated that he was rather busy and was withdrawing Natopia's bid to host. So, it has fallen to Faronia to host the 2005 Micronational Expo.

President Baugh offered some advice to Smith on coordinating and others on participating: "
Well, the way it worked for the Molossian Expo, the participating nations each created their own page (and usually just a page, not much more), on their own ISP. Then they sent the URL for that page to the host nation (me), and I added to the Pavilions Page. I had a picture of that nation's flag (also sent to me), and together with the name of that nation, that composed the link on the Pavilions Page. I also included a picture of a pavilion from the 1939 New York World's Fair, using a different pavilion picture for each nation. The Art Deco theme of the 1939 World's Fair was the theme of the Molossian Expo." Smith quickly accepted his advice, and announced that members could begin submitting their information to him via e-mail.

Any interested nations should send a link to their pavilion (You need to host it on your own national I.S.P.) to Carson at carsonATcsmith.centaurinetx.com. Additionally, please attach a photo of your nation's flag or symbol in the e-mail. More information will be posted here and at The Faronian Gazette as needed.


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