Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Micronational welcome page project update

Director Carson Smith has begun the next step, which is creating the content that will go on the website.

A good amount of the content will be covered by the individual nations that chose to participate (Attera, Shireroth, Lemuria, Natopia, Faronia, Hanover...more will be allowed to join after the page is complete). Each nation will need to provide an advertisement for their nation, a profile following the format developed by Scott Noseworthy, and a listing of available jobs. Smith will take care of compiling that and a lot of the other components of the website. He is, however, looking for someone to write a brief explanation of what a micronation is and someone to write a commentary on the current climate in every participating nation (A citizen of a nation cannot write the commentary for their own nation so that we have unbiased analysises.). Additionally, Smith has created a sticky thread in the project's forum for people to give sites for the links page of the site: http://lavalon.proboards22.com/index.cgi?board=welcomeproject&action=display&num=1108901631&start=0
The one thing that remains to be seen, according to Smith, is where the website will be hosted. He's indicated that he no longer is insistent on P.H.P., cPanel, etc., but wants something that's not ridiculously long, as seems to be the trend these days (http://www.host.com/number/host/place/3858w9/you/you). He's looking at F2G.net's services, probably with a DotTK or Uni.cc domain, but if anyone would be willing to provide hosting, he would be immensely grateful.

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