Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Robert Davis celebrates second anniversary of winning battle with cancer

The Micronational View would like to wish an extraordinary micronationalist congratulations on an extraordinary day in his life.

That micronationalist is Robert Davis, also known as Duke Altamore of Gotzborg. Two years ago, on February 21, 2003, he survived cancer. It is truly a miracle that he is here today. His Grace's doctors predicted he would only live for a year after surviving! However, he has lived two, and despite a fierce battle with pnemonia around the holidays, he surely has many more ahead of him. Although he still has not returned to work macronationally, he has returned to all his positions in micronations and is proving to be very deserving of the Most Committed Micronationalist FNORD he won last month.

On February 20, Duke Altamore posted the following statement to the Gotzborg forums:

"I wanted to mention to everyone that I will be taking a Peronal Day off from Micronationalism tomorrow. 21 February marks the anniversary of my cancer survival - which will be TWO years tomorrow!!! My family and friends are having a large to-do for me, and I will be spending the day celebrating, drinking, laughing, and enjoying the company of those I love. I am very pleased with this small accomplishment; especially since I was originally told that I wouldn't survive ONE year. I've more than doubled their estimate...and I have more years to come, I am sure. I know you will all understand my absence tomorrow, and also that I wish many of you could be here with me to celebrate. I will see you all back here on Tuesday."

His statement met with numerous congratulations from Gotzborgers and foreigners alike. "That is as good a reason for holding a party as any I [have] heard; enjoy your day your grace!" Christopher Harris-Till, Deputy Vice-Minister of State for Health and Education in the Gotz Home Office, said. Emperor Harald Thorstein of Stormark; King August Charles of Gotzborg; Ernest Wilde, Governor-General of the Gotz colony of Lusatia; Liam Sinclair; King Carson of Faronia; Natopian Grand Chancellor Nathan Shepard; Oliver Woods, Commanding Officer of the Antican Diplomatic Corp; and Prince Steven of Gotzborg also sent their regards.


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