Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Two new nations enter the world stage

Two nations recently entered the micro-world stage this week, the Socialist State of New Germany and the Kingdom of Faronia. Here, The Micronational View will take a look at both nations, their goals, their aspirations, as well as links to other sources of information.

The Socialist State of New Germany
Common Names: New Germany, S.S.N.G.

New Germany began as a political simulation offline between a few Ohio friends. Eventually, it expanded online, although for the most part, the web presence was purely informational. It experienced a bit of heavy activity when Lavalonian Matthew Martin decided to join as Minister of Education, but Martin lost interest and activity levels went down again. Finally, Bartholomew Henzelli, New German president, decided to close down the S.S.N.G. online and send her into a period of relative dormancy offline. In many ways, during the dormancy period, New Germany was little more than a joke between Henzelli and his macro-world friends. However, in mid-January of this year, Henzelli announced in Lavalon, his adopted home, that he would be bringing back the S.S.N.G. online. Finally, he officially opened the S.S.N.G. with an announcement in Lavalon's Department of State earlier this week.

Henzelli decided that the S.S.N.G. would take its time in planning out the workings of the government. He would serve as Provisional Head of Government assisted by a group of commissars (ministers) and there would be a Constitutional Congress charged with creating a constitution for New Germany. Although New Germany is a socialist state, it appears to be pursuing a very liberal form of socialism, particularly with regards to political parties: Henzelli has stated that political parties will be welcomed in New German society. Additionally, the New Germans are pursuing a new, experimental type of government originally proposed by Matthew Martin. The head of state is a collective position held by an Executive Council. This Executive Council, consisting of the most senior citizens of the nation, appoints members of lower committees. These lower committees all have the job of running the day-to-day aspects of a certain area of government: foreign affairs, judiciary, culture, etc. Carson Smith has proposed the head of state be an executive council in the Constitutional Congress, effectively paving the way for this new form of government, and it has met with no opposition after a few minor tweaks to suit New Germany.

none at present, but Carson Smith is working on creating one


The Kingdom of Faronia
The Kingdom of Faronia is a small monarchy founded by Lavalonian, Lemurian, and Hanoverian Carson Smith. He appears to have forged ahead a bit more than Henzelli and has gone ahead and written a permanent constitution which provides for a constitutional monarchy form of government. Three government ministries--Economic Development, Immigration, and Foreign Affairs--have already been established, and several Letters Patent have been passed as well. While he has been wished well by the greater micronational community, Faronia still has not acquired any citizens other than Smith and Smith has hinted that if Faronia is unsuccessful independently, he may attempt to merge it with another nation.




The Faronian Gazette - http://faronia.blogspot.com


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