Thursday, March 10, 2005

Babkhan elections complete

After much delay in the deployment of the election voting system, the Babkhan elections got underway, and they are now complete. Tahmaseb Shah, Shahanshah of Babkha, announced the results today, Thursday, March 10, 2005. Elected were Ardashir Khan Osmani, Balty Majeed, Amir Shervanis, Rashid Arsalani, and Darius Rugahi. Osmani had the most votes, 8, which gave him the unanimous support of all voting Babkhan citizens. Majeed and Shervanis had 5 votes, and Rugahi and Arsalani has 4. Not elected were Rakesh Ackbar, Qermez Parcham, Yaghoub Ahmad Vembriani, and "dViper."

As the Shahanshah noted, this is one of the first times, if not the first time, in Babkhan history that there had been no need for a by-election. He did proceed to note, though, that this may be because only 8 citizens voted, a rather disappointing turnout for Babkha.

These elections were a clear-cut victory for the conservative Beshaz Party, as Osmani, Majeed, Shervanis, and Arsalani are all Beshaz members.


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