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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

BREAKING NEWS! Criminal suit filed against Matthew Vasroixe!

Over the past few weeks, Matthew Vasroixe, who has become famous, or infamous, take your pick, throughout the micronational world because of his native Avalonia's controversial formation as an alternative to the Republic of Lavalon and subsequent conflict with Antica. No one has been able to quite figure out, or at least agree on, what happened and whose fault it is. A number of people have blamed President Vasroixe for stirring up trouble. Recently, the Lavalonian government has added another twist to the story by suing Mr. Vasroixe in the Criminal Court of Lavalon.

Carson Smith, a well-known and well-liked political figure in Lavalon and the Chancellor of Lavalon's General Assembly, ran up the steps to the Criminal Court and delivered a single sheet of paper to the court clerk just minutes before the Court closed for the day at 7:00 P.M. U.S. Central Standard Time (G.M.T.-6). The paper was a petition to the Court for the government's suit against Vasroixe to be heard, and briefly outlined the allegations against the Avalonian president and former Lavalonian citizen.

The government alleges that Mr. Vasroixe applied for citizenship under the "paper doll" of "Andy Child," thus violating Lavalon's One Person Act 2005. It even suggests that Vasroixe was attempting to infilitrate the Lavalonian government. "All the while, defendant continued to maintain identity of Matthew Vasroixe, thus holding two identities," Smith wrote in the filing.

We caught up to Chancellor Smith as he left the courthouse, but he refused to comment. "At this point, information is not being disclosed outside of the government. But we do have evidence and will fight to have the defendant convicted."

It is also worth noting that the prosecution has not requested a jury trial, and thus, unless the defense requests a jury trial, the case will be heard and a verdict and sentence rendered by Lavalonian Chief Justice Nathan Shepard, who has proven himself to be an opponent of Vasroixe in recent debates.

The government's petition can be seen at

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Micronational Expo 2005 - now open!

The Faronian Government was immensely pleased this afternoon to unveil the 2005 Micronational Exposition. The idea for the expo was conceived in late February, with the Kingdom of Faronia volunteering to host, and on April 10, once every participating nation had completed their "pavilion," the King of Faronia, who handles Faronia's web development, began to work assembling the expo itself.

The Micronational Expo is a sort of World Fair for micronations. All micronations are invited to participate by creating a "pavilion" webpage that showcases their micronation, and the host nation will then create a main expo page with links to each of the pavilions. The very first expo was hosted by Kevin Baugh and his Republic of Molossia several years ago. A year later, the second expo was hosted by Attera. However, after that, the expo took a bit of a hiatus, as activity levels in micronationalism generally began to fall. In 2005, though, plans for the '05 expo began when King Carson of Faronia eagerly volunteered Faronia to host at M-N.N.

A good number of nations are participating this year: the Northern Forest Archipelago, Molossia, Aremihc Island, Toaka, Natopia, The Domain and Realms, Dewaco Estates, Faronia, and Hanover. The King of Faronia and others have expressed great admiration for all of the pavilions, which can of course be viewed at the expo.

All micronationalists are encouraged to swing by and take a look at the expo, which can be found at